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A review by Carroll Quigley in Military Affairs, October 1970,

of a book:

WAR: An Anthology,

by Edward and Elizabeth Huberman.

New York: Washington Square Press, 1969


Huberman, Edward and Elizabeth, ed. 

War: An Anthology (New York: Washington Square Press, 1969, 

304 pp., paperback $1.25).


   This little paperback volume will be of little interest to readers of MILITARY AFFAIRS. It is a "literary anthology" containing 72 poems, 14 short stories, and 17 "essays". Some of these are related to war only in a peripheral fashion. It would seem that an effort was made to obtain as diversified a selection as possible within the basic anti-war framework, but the chief consequence of this has been to make the collection and its intended audience ambiguous. The pieces range from Erasmus of Rotterdam to Senator Fulbright and Judge Charles E. Wyzanski, Jr. None of the writers is dated or identified in any way, and the selections are simply presented without comment, alphabetically by authors.  This adds to the generally ambiguous impression of the volume and dilutes the significance of the individual selections, since it is often impossible to judge what war called forth the selection. This is in accord with the general assumption of the editors that all wars are the same and all are bad, which may be true but is not accepted by everyone without discussion. There is no discussion here, nor any effort to deal with war in any rational way. On the contrary, the general impression made by this collection is that it was put together to provide desultory talk for pot-smoking residents of some hippie pad.



Georgetown University




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