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Memorandum to Father Walsh

A colleague demonstrates the culture of academe


Dr. Quigley explains how Nazi Germany seized a stronger Czechoslovakia

An exchange of correspondence between Mr. Jay Burke and Dr. Carroll Quigley



Written in the hopes of assisting a troubled colleague


The Partisan Side of Carroll Quigley

A response to Tom McTighe published in THE HOYA


Recent Off-Campus Activities of Professor Carroll Quigley

Partial list of Professor Quigley's consulting and lecture activities during the years 1972-73


The Holistic, Morphological, and Cognitive Qualities of Carroll Quigley's Historiography

Introduction to Historiography and Historical Method by Glenn E. Bugos


Bill Clinton Speaks of Professor Quigley in His DNC Nomination Acceptance Address

Audio file of Quigley reference    

   Entire text of President Clinton's speech




Wills, Death Certificate, and Other Related Documents 

First Will - 1960 - Large PDF

Codicil - 1963 - PDF

Second Will (Second Codicil) - 1973 - PDF

Probate Petition - 1977 - PDF

Compromise Agreement - 1977 - PDF

Compromise of Will Contest - 1977 - PDF

Correspondence - Terrence J. Boyle & Father Timothy S. Healy - 1977 - PDF


Death Certificate - 1977 - PDF

Memorial Service Program - 1977 - PDF



Committee of Historians Left in Charge of the Late Dr. Quigley's Work

Jules Davids PhD
Jules Davids
Carmen Brissette Grayson
Carmen Brissette Grayson

Michael F Foley
Michael F. Foley




Home   |  Biography  |  Articles  |  Book Reviews  |  Books  |  Interviews  |  Lectures  |  Misc  |   Images

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